And so what do you do with your Felco and
the ideal tool belt. It is made
your clippers when you are immersed in the
of the same top grain
garden? As your constant companions, you need
leather that you find
both by your side
on the handles and
at all times.
trim of Vuitton bags. The
When you are
more you touch it, rub it
on your knees
wear it - the better it gets. In
discovering a
one size with lots of holes, it fits
bletilla blooming
anyone anywhere (a guy can wear it on his waist - a gal
or have finally identified the threatening vine
can wear it on her hips or vice versa). Made especially
in a knotty mass - you must be able to reach
for my 12 Best by the finest craftsmen in Ohio, the
for your tools with one hand and you can
holster is fitted to hold a Felco, plus a compartment for
only do that if they are attached to you. It does
the clipper and pencil. It's a tight fit at first, but the
not work to keep them in a pocket - or an apron
loosening up along with the changing color makes it
-things invariably fall out of pockets. Your most
your very own. It goes without saying, that having this
necessary tools need to be connected to you
tool belt slung around your body is sexy too.
like another appendage and that means in a
holster on a belt. After watching all the smartest
The belt is 45 inches with many holes
nursery guys strutting around with their Felco in
Tool Belt alone $59.
a holster clipped onto their belt - I thought that
Tool Belt loaded with Clippers and Felco $148
there must be something to this; but needed to
devise a way that looked good and also held my
clipper and a pencil. In my quest to seek out the
best accoutrements, I have managed to create