Not only must you have
one for yourself – you
will want to give it as a prized gift to your most
precious friends and if there is new ground to break — be
it for a simple shed or an embassy — this is perfect. It is
wonderful to know that there are still craftsmen in America that
make things one-by-one — this shovel is made in Idaho of the
purest stainless steel —the hardest and the best 12 gauge kind. It
absolutely never rusts and glistens like a precious metal, even after
having been used (and abused) for years. A wonderful artisan
and farmer, Mr. Hoff imports the ash wood 4 foot long handles from
an equally honest man in Hope, Arkansas. Because this shovel is
handmade, you have the extraordinary opportunity to have your
name (or the name of your farmhouse or ranch) etched into the
steel, along with the year. This is the most impressive shovel you
will ever see and certainly ever dig with. Naturally, if you order today
it cannot come overnight because of the very nature of its
handmade-i-ness, so you might have to wait a few weeks or so.
The One of a Kind Shovel. From tip to end of handle 58".
Hand Stamped Letters (max. 16) - $145
Without Personalization $125
Extra Shipping $20