This is the only
gardening accessory
that I guarantee you will not find anywhere else.
The mirror is more than a generous 2” in diameter
and the handle telescopes to 3 feet — just right
for looking under those drooping hellebores to see
the patterns and the colored stamens on the underside. Hugh Johnson
says “A peep is faintly illicit — and all the more fun for it.” If you know
his book The Principles of Gardening, you realize that every word he
conjures is golden. Now, of course, the whole idea of a Garden
Peeping Stick is a bit of a conceit isn’t it?, but what could possibly
ever make you feel more smug or self-satisfied than peeping under a
Fritillaria imperialis and showing your garden touring companion the
“Tears of Mary” without getting down on your knees… (as pictured)
Sure to be the hit of any garden show, tour or exhibition. I
witnessed my first Peeping Stick at Hidcote, the legendary garden
in the English Cotswolds and could never find it anywhere — so I
have reinvented it as a Dianne B. Garden Great.
Already seen and talked about by the Wall Street Journal
and sure to be the Garden Accessory of the Year.
$35 with leather-like eyeglass case