I am a big believer in plant markers. Unless you keep a perfectly fastidious garden journal with drawings
and layerings and seasonal tracing, the only way to keep track of what is in your garden is with markers. And the
only markers to use are metal ones — there is no pen on the earth that adheres to plastic (plus they are ugly) and
the wooden ones are never readable and disintegrate eventually anyway. So, metal is the only choice and the very
best is made of honest zinc right here in America. There are several kinds; but as far as my experience goes, the
hairpin marker is the one that works best. It is the most solid. It doesn’t have to be assembled like the horizontal
markers. It looks the best in the garden. Because
the metal supports are on either side – it is sturdier
and easier to write legibly on. This is a very important
characteristic because how you write on your markers
makes all the difference. If you do not write boldly, then they
are of no use. I usually put the plant name (sometimes Latin +
common) on the front…and anything particular on the back (i.e.
cut back hard) plus the source (i.e. B+B for Brent and
Becky) and the year. Along with the markers comes a
wonderful and mysterious double ended
long black pencil that magically adheres
to this particular zinc metal and stays readable year after year after year. I don’t
know how or why; I only know that it is true. If you are starting
from scratch and want to label things already in place,
you will need dozens and dozens. Extra postage is reflected in the price
due to the weight of these heavy zinc markers. 12" tall.
50 Fabulous Markers plus 2 Magic Pencils $39