I bought my very first pair of these in Japan at the onset of my
gardening obsession some 20 plus years ago. Little did I realize that
this clipper was the preeminent tool of its kind and as I did
not have the foresight to buy many of them, I have been
forced to try scores of others: all comparatively lousy.
For me – between this
sharp carbon steel clipper
and a Felco – you need little
else to successfully perform all the
tasks in a garden. A wondrous
little leather strap keeps it
closed that takes only a
flick of your fingers to open with one hand — a real boon to not have to unlock
any sort of little lever or toggle. With an amazingly resilient (and beautifully made) main spring, it pops open
and stays just where you want it — not ‘biting back’ like most pruners or clippers. This wondrous 7” long
can cut through the dense roots of a hosta that you are struggling to divide, fresh herbs and is also
the perfect flower cutter.
Like any work of art — it is even signed. Let me add that it is not indestructible:
Do not use it on something that needs a lopper and definitely do not leave it in the rain (it’s so lovely that it
deserves to be wiped after each garden session). About a dozen years ago when Takashimaya on Fifth
Avenue opened with a gorgeous ground level garden shop — I found the clippers again but they had
stratosphered into the chokingly high price of almost a hundred bucks a piece.
Now, I have tracked them down in northern Japan and they can be yours for a mere $39.