I have been through dozens of pairs of
and try rubber. Reluctantly, because the rubber usually
gardening gloves, in every material
available is thick, clammy and often insensitive to the
you can name and fallen
touch; but I kept looking because you cannot garden
for some ridiculously
without gloves. Finally Atlas gloves found their way to
expensive leather
me and they are perfect. Not too thick and not too thin and
ones. Well,
unlike most gardening gloves that come in hideous colors, I
most just do
offer these only in always-fetching black with just a hint
not work in the
of color trim that segues into the comfortable knitted wrist
garden. No matter
band. What’s more, the                    rubber doesn’t have the
how finely made, the
creepy quality of touching
fingers are too thick
your skin because it is a
and bulky to pick up
coating on top of a nice
even the largest
comfortable polyester
of the fritillary
knit. They come in
bulbs or feel
4 sizes, so there is
among the
one for every guy or gal.
branches to
Preferring a snug fit, I wear a
prune out just the
Small, even though my glove size is
right twig.
normally 6 1/2.
And let's face it - there is
Sizes: S M L XL
nothing more uncomfortable
Black Only $9
than soaking wet leather gloves
Too good to be true.
- not only heavy but bulky, dank and
smelly. So, years ago I decided to abandon all past
attempts, no matter how chic the color or warm the lining,