tying an unruly
grapevine to an arbor,
a slender orchidís stem to
its bamboo support or the
scrambling branches of a
rose to the fence ó this
new product (developed
in the 21st century, 2002) is unbeatable, it is more efficient
than any other twine/tie/fiber/rope/twistee/sisal or cord than
you have ever used because it grows right along with whatever it
is being tied to. This stretchy quality is combined with the wonderful ability of
easy knotting, unlike so many other materials. It is strong, frost-proof, and reusable
and perhaps its most engaging quality ó it is the perfect shade of brown so that it absolutely gets lost in whatever
situation you use it. Made in England, of course, where gardening is a religion and a new product has to be
sensational to be a success, I bring it to you directly from the endearingly named village of Stanton-in-Peak
in Matlock, Derbyshire. It comes wrapped or twirled in an ingenious way so that it uncoils out of a mesh bag like
a charmed snake out of a genieís basket, so you never have to worry about losing the end.
Only $19 for about 36 yards. (Thatís a lot).