I almost didnít include this as I figure that the first item every new gardener
acquires is a Felco; but to accommodate those who have not gotten around to their Felco
purchase yet (or are too confused by the many offered to make the choice), I have tried to
uncomplicate the ordeal. A Felco is the must-have gardening pruner. Although there
are dozens of other brands on the market (usually for a smaller price), donít bother
with them because they are just not as good. Felcos are made in Switzerland with
the precision of a fine watch and have replaceable parts, so they
will be with you for decades.Because they are sold worldwide and over
the Internet, there is not much profit to be made, so, I offer this
particular one as a favor to my gardening friends
My Felco simplifying expertise:
The classic, simple Felco #4,
does not have rotating handles or
that extra big rubber wheel, but it
works for everything. I think it is the
best bet.
Felco #4     $59
A different model, but made especially
for those who are left-handed
Felco #9     $65