Iíve tried everything. Arty looking baskets and trugs, small (and
ridiculously large) gardening carts, even buckets; but it wasnít until I
began using these indispensable bags that the problem of what to
do with all the garden detritus was resolved. No matter where you go
in the garden or what you do, you are constantly creating waste: of
weeds, of grass everywhere but where you want it, of deadheading, of
twigs, branches and whatever else is the aftermath of pruning. This nifty bag
ó made of industrial strength polyethylene - has a unique construction that allows it to prop open even
when almost empty and lie flat in nice folds when it's time to be tucked away. I keep several in the garden
and fill them up with amazing speed. My good lawn guys empty them every week, and store them in
specified places between shrubs or under trees, ready when I need
them again. A lesser version of the bag originated in
England and is still available, but it is expensive,
an ugly shade of green and has handles that
invariably tear off. This terrific Dianne B. version,
in the honest shade of good grass, has long
(long enough to sling over your shoulder) reinforced
straps that insure sturdy durability. Just like the
indestructible Dianne B. shopping bag of yore, I expect
this yard bag will show up in all sorts of unexpected
places. If I were you, I would get more than one.
$24 each         3 for $65
15" x 18" x 18"