Dianne BAs one would expect from a woman whose professional career revolves around gardening and fashion, Dianne Benson—known by her many fans as Dianne B.—is a walking endorsement for the highly selective Gardening Essentials she has curated and sells through this website. Everything Dianne B does is a hands-on labor of love: she gardens using every item that she sells, hand picks the wrapping and writes personal thank you notes and tips to the valued customers who buy her time-tested tools.

Grouped with Hermes and Le Prince Jardinier in Interiors Magazine and touted in Town & Country, Hamptons.Com and House Beautiful, the products and the accompanying newsletter, DIRTIER, have a devoted following. Originally a fashion designer, Dianne’s passion for gardening is based on the very principles of fashion: Form, pattern, shape, color, textures and layers. She uses these philosophies as a garden stylist, a garden writer and a garden thinker.

Before she wrote her cult book DIRT: The Lowdown on Growing Garden with Style, Dianne enjoyed a very fruitful career in fashion. She was the owner of Dianne B. and Comme des Garcons stores on Madison Avenue and Soho. Her work was profiled everywhere and her art/fashion collaborations with prominent artists Robert Mapplethorpe and Cindy Sherman have endured as icons of the 80’s.

Her cultural life has thrived since she has left Manhattan for East Hampton, where she is President of LongHouse Reserve, a 16 acre wonderland of art, gardens and education and a founding member of the Board of Robert Wilson’s arts foundation, The Watermill Center. As Chair of The Nature Trail Committee, an actor in the Roundtable Shakespeare Theatre Company and all out gardening go-to girl, Dianne’s life is complete.

Dianne's Blog and Newsletter DIRTIER is the Gardening Bible for those who follow her.